Houses in the Raval Vell district, Alcoi. Source: D. ESPINÓS , Topografía médica de Alcoy, Caja de Ahorros Provincial de la Excma. Diputación de Alicante, Alicante, 1975.

Two-key houses, origin and cause of communal worker housing in Alcoi

Author: Jorge Doménech Romá

The two-key houses of Alcoi were initially for single or multiple family use. Their characteristics were the result of geometric factors and the confined urban setting. Their transformation into communal houses for worker accommodation during the 19th century gave rise to extreme overcrowding. This fact of sociology, history and urban planning deserves to be understood and studied. The shockingly poor hygiene conditions were one of the collateral effects of the process of industrialisation, and constitute the focus of the presentation made at the International Congress on Workers’ Settlements and Factory Towns.

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The presentation made at the International Congress on Worker Settlements and Factory Towns held in October 2018 may be found here