Burés Company Town. Current image. Source: Pere Colomer

The beginning of the end of the Catalan industrial company town model: the work of Teresa Collell

Author: Pere Colomer i Roma

By the mid-1960s Catalonia’s industrial company towns were already in decline. In 1968 the social worker Teresa Collell conducted research directed by the sociologist Modest Reixach into 17 company towns where, following a brief inventory of the status of each of them, she analysed an extensive questionnaire to which 85 residents had replied.

The article published is based on this study, analysing the situation of the services and infrastructure in place at the time, and the perception that the population of the company towns had of their quality of life, so as to paint a portrait of the moment when these settlements began their process of decay in Catalonia.

Download the whole article here.

The presentation made at the International Congress on Worker Settlements and Factory Towns held in October 2018 may be found here