Aerial view of the factory. Source: Josep Padró

Reappraising the Colònia Güell

Author: Josep Padró Margó

The vision we have of the Colònia Güell  development is often influenced by its current appearance, as if it were one single architectural and urban planning unit, fully designed from the outset and completed. The presence of Gaudí and his colleagues, and the prominent figure of the developer, who some see as a patron associated with philanthropic if not utopian attitudes, help to shape the perspective of a masterpiece.

The complex has been seen as the inspiration for thegarden city, has inspired writings on its architectural and urban planning qualities, the social and occupational conduct of its inhabitants and its relationship with the surrounding farming communities, with a tone which on occasion seeks to lavish praise rather than critically analyse the project. The article published here on the Pobles Obrers website will aim as far as possible to corroborate the aims set out by the development’s founders in 1910.

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The presentation made at the International Congress on Worker Settlements and Factory Towns held in October 2018 may be found here