Saltpetre Works

Saltpetre Works, Santiago Humberstone. Source: produced by the author

On the trail of the Saltpetre Works, Santiago Humberstone, World Heritage Site, Chile

Author: Orietta Ojeda Berger

The former 19th-century La Palma Works and the traces that still remain of the site today are located some 50 kilometres east of Iquique, in the Tarapacá area of Chile’s great north region. They made their name as one of the most important such works in the Pozo Almonte canton. The article presented in the Pobles Obrers blog was written with the aim of recounting a part of their history and some of the traces which laid the foundations for their 2005 declaration as a World Heritage Site.

In 2005 the saltpetre works known as theOficina Santiago Humberstone  were granted World Heritage status. Their history dates back further to the 19th century, when they were known as the Oficina La Palma. The recognition of their importance as part of an integrated cultural landscape was long overdue.

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The presentation made at the International Congress on Worker Settlements and Factory Towns held in October 2018 may be found here